Etela Rajender, BJP Leader, Ex Minister, Huzurabad, Telangana.

Etela Rajender
Etela Rajender

BJP Leader,
Ex Minister of Medical & Health and Family Welfare, Telangana(2019-2021),
Ex Finance & Civil Supply Minister, Telangana(2014-2018),
MLA, Huzurabad(2004-2023),

Personal Life:
Father :Mallaiah
Spouse : Jamuna
Children : Nitin & Neetha
Course Institution Year of completion
B.Sc. Osmania University -
Political Career:
 02-Nov-2021: Today Etela Rajender WON the Huzurabad by election with huge majority over the ruling TRS Party candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav. TRS could not stop Etela from winning even after several new schemes such as 10 lakhs for each Scheduled caste family for entire constituency.

 14-Jun-2021: Today Etela Rajender joined BJP in Delhi along with EX Yellareddy TRS MLA Eanugu Ravinder Reddy, Karimnagar EX-ZPP Tula Uma and RTC Union Leader Ashwathama Reddy.

 12-Jun-2021: Today Etela submitted resignation as MLA and it was accepted by Speaker.

 4-Jun-2021: Today Etela anounced that he resigned to TRS Party Membership and he will also submit resignation as MLA tommorow. He May join in BJP Party in few days, He met with BJP National President Nadda few days back in Delhi. Along with him EX Yellareddy TRS MLA Eanugu Ravinder Reddy and EX Karimnagar ZPP Tula Uma also Resigned to TRS Party.

 2-May-2021: Today Telngana CM KCR dropped Etela Rajender from his council of ministers.

 May-1-2021: Today Telngana CM KCR took away Health Ministry from Etela after yesterday's land allegations on Etela.

 Apr-30-2021: Today Telngana CM KCR has ordered inquiry into several farmer's complainants on alleged land grabbing by Eatala Rajender. Getting this news presented in TRS Owned T NEWS is looking like a TRS Government wantedly presented this to bring Etela Rajender into land grabbing issues and mallign his character.

 Feb-19-2019: Today Eatala Rajender took oath as Minister of Telangana for second time in KCR Cabinet expansion.

 Jun-2-2014: Today Eatala Rajender took oath as Minister of Telangana in KCR Cabinet.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2021 By Election-Huzurabad, MLA(BJP) WON 23,855 Gellu Srinivas Yadav(TRS)
2 2018 GE-Huzurabad, MLA(TRS) WON 43,719 Padi Kaushik Reddy(INC)
3 2014 GE-Huzurabad, MLA(TRS) WON 57,037 Kethiri Sudarshan Reddy(INC)
4 2010 Bye Election Huzurabad, MLA(TRS) WON 79,227 Muddasani Damodar Reddy(TDP)
5 2009 GE-Huzurabad, MLA(TRS) WON 15,035 V Krishna Mohan Rao(INC)
6 2008 Bye Election-Kamalapur, MLA(TRS) WON 22,284 Muddasani Damodar Reddy(TDP)
7 2004 GE-Kamalapur, MLA(TRS) WON 19,619 Muddasani Damodar Reddy(TDP)

Contact Information:
e Mail:
Mobile Number: 9849224411
Present Address: H. No .9-78/1, Kamalapur Village, Karimnagar, Telangana.



12-Jun-2021: Resigned as MLA
Etela Rajender Resigned AS MLA
2-May-2021: Etela Rajender dropped as Telanaga Minister
Etela Rajender dropped as Telanaga Minister
1-May-2021: KCR Too away Health Ministry from Etela
KCR Too away Health Ministry from Etelar
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Nov-07-2021: Open Heart with RK
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