Budvel By Election Results, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh.

Budvel Assembly

Map of Badvel, Andhra Pradesh, India
2021 By Election Results:(Due to demise of Dr G Venkata Subbaiah)
Winner:Dasari Sudha(YSRCP) Margin:90,533
Total Voters:2,15,292 Total Valid Votes Polled:1,46,546
Election Date:30-Oct-2021 Counting Date:2-Nov-2021

S.NO Candidate Party Votes Secured
1 Dasari Sudha YSRCP 1,12,211
2 Panathala Suresh BJP 21,678
3 PM Kamalamma INC 6,235
YSRCP WINS BUDVEL By Elections with huge majority
2019 General Election Results:
Winner:Dr G Venkata Subbaiah(YSRCP) Margin:44,734
Total Voters:2,05,338 Total Votes Polled:1,56,819
Election Date:11-Apr-2019 Counting Date:23-Apr-2019

S.NO Candidate Party Votes Secured
1 Dr G Venkata Subbaiah YSRCP 95,482
2 Dr Obulapuram Raja Sekhar TDP 50,748