Intolerance in India

23-Jan-2016: Intolerance Intolerance the most used term in Indian media in recent days. Why the word Intolerance got more importance in Indian media and also there were agitations run by opposition parties and more importantly a campaign run by the Indian writers to give back the awards that they got from Indian Government.

                  If we a little deep into the details of this there were only a couple of incidents where Indian Majority Hindu community protested against Beef festivals and in few other places against selling beef. This got the entire media attention and jumped on government with a series of agitations along with opposition parties. Couple of Bollywood stars added fuel to the fire by commenting on this word Intolerance.In Hindu dominant country India there were very few cases where Hindus attacked on other communities. But the reason for media or intellectuals to come hard on government for these few incidents are that the clear mandate by people to BJP in 2014 elections . The so called secular s are afraid that BJP government may come out with some stringent rules which will intern cause some problems to all the minority communities in India but BJP never took a step towards that.

                 Throughout the episode of Intolerance it was portrayed as Hindus Vs other communities but with the recent incident of a student suicide in Hyderabad Central University politicians started again talking about the intolerance and this time say try to portray this as one caste Vs other caste in Hindu community. majorly All other castes Vs SC.

                  A Few intellectuals who speaks boldly and see the current situation in India as a quite common and they simply rule out the word Intolerance used by Opposition politicians and Media. They also says that always there is a possibility for this kind of small issues and they seem to happen once in a while here and there but with the evlotion of communication system and Electronic media in run for the TRP they are most concentrated on this kind of issues to grab the attention of people. Adding to that they say that for few media organizations or political parties mileage we cant put our country's pride and name at the stake.  Few stated that in each and every country there is a domination in some or the other form by stating that even in the Islam dominant countries has a huge discrimination of Shia Vs Sunni and In Christian dominant countries in Europe they also have a huge discrimination between Catholics to others. And in developed countries like United states there is a difference between blacks and whites.

                 With many religions across the world and with most of them having a footprint in India these kind of small issues are tend to happen and government may not stop them with a short term policies. At the end it's all the people who has to respect others and get respected.

                 Hope India will come out as early as possible from this Artificial Intolerance !!!!