Telangana government neglects south telangana

28-Jan-2015: After the formation of Telangana state with lot of hopes from the people of telangana  on the newly formed government by KCR .In making all the hopes into live TRS ruled government has kept the expectations in live by increasing the pension from 200 rupees to 1000/- to all the old age people of TG and also from 500 to 1500/- for handicapped people.And also KCR launched a program to give away 3 acres of land to the Scheduled Caste people who do not has the land and several other schemes that are heartily welcomed by the people of Telangana and also by most of the Opposition leaders.

With all the above positives about the new TRS government there is a major talk by the south telangana people from Mahabubnagar, Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy and Khammam that the new government is giving very less importance to the issues of the people from the above districts. As no one from the Mahabub Nagar and Khammam got a chance in the first cabinet which they have pointed out till the expansion of cabinet where Mahabub Nagar managed to get 2 berths and Khammam got one berth in form of thummala. With the above 2 berths for the 2 districts KCR tried his best to give importance to all the districts. But the another issue that starting discussion in the villages of the south telangana is 1000/- rupees pension for beedi workers. As no one from the South telangana involved in the beedi making they are making allegations on the government that by leaving the poor districts Mahabubnagar and Nalgonda how can the government give pensions to workers who are located majorly from karimnagar and adilabad and nizamabad. The people of south telangana are ready to hail the above decision by the government  if the immigrant workers from the mahabub nagar also should get a scheme where they will get some kind of support from the newly formed government.

Hope Telangana government will come up with a plan to help the poor people from south Telangana.