YS Jagan's Best Ever decision

Feb-01-2015: Late YS Rajashekar Reddy's Son and YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy known for his skills in attracting people with excellent speeches with very good usage of old Telugu idioms on the opposition leaders has been on the raise for the post CM in 2014 elections . In a period YSRCP was leading TDP in AP prior to 2014 general elections and it seemed like YSRCP will come out marginally over TDP but with the experienced TDP supremo CBN skills in handling difficult times made it hard for YS Jagan in 2014 elections where TDP won it easily over YSRCP.

 There are several reasons for loss of YSRCP in Andhra as JaganMohan Reddy gave importance to the family members in party activities and not giving enough space to Sharmila in Andhra and also not respecting seniors in party who has stood with him in the tough times. People started identifying the crisis after the reorganization of AP and the need of an experienced leader to lead the state. Many might add Modi factor and Pawan Kalyan cini glamour to the loss of YSRCP and not only to in general elections but in local body elections just before the elections also TDP has a clear margin over YSRCP.

 In spite of all these YS Jagan has clearly stated that it is difficult to implement loan waiver scheme for farmers by considering the current financial situation of the state. This might had a negative impact on him from the farmers in the elections but many of economists hailed it as a very good decision from the in experienced YS Jagan and also they have showcased it as the reason for Jagan to have that futuristic thinking about he financial situation of the state. This stood out as the best decision ever of the YSRCP top lead Jagan. Hope he will come out of the regular thinking of old age politics and make a new era in the politics of AP.