Chinthakunta Vijaya Ramana Rao, MLA Peddapalli, Congress Party, Telangana.

Chinthakunta Vijaya Ramana Rao
Chinthakunta Vijaya Ramana Rao

MLA, Peddapalli,
Congress Party, Karimnagar, Telangana.

Personal Life:
Father :Late Govinda Rao
Spouse :Pavani
Children :Gopikrishna & Vaishnavi
Course Institution Year of completion
Intermediate Govt Junior College, Sultanabad. 1984
SSC Govt High School, Sultanabad. 1982
Political Career:

Oct-31-2017: Joined Congress Party in presence of Rahul Gandhi along with several other TTDP Leaders in Delhi.

Oct-30-2017: After Revanth Reddy decided to join Congress party, Vijaya Ramana Rao also anounced today that he will also leave TDP and join in Congress party.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2023 GE-Peddapalli, MLA(INC) WON 55,108 Dasari Manohar Reddy(BRS)
2 2018 GE-Peddapalli, MLA(INC) LOST 8,466 Dasari Manohar Reddy(TRS)
3 2014 GE-Peddapalli, MLA(TDP) LOST 72,004 Dasari Manohar Reddy(TRS)
4 2009 GE-Peddapalli, MLA(TDP) WON 23,482 Geetla Mukunda Reddy(INC)
5 1995 GE-Eligaid, ZPTC(TDP) WON - -

Positions Held Position Duration
1 District President, Peddapalli, Telugu Desham Party. 2016-2017
2 District President, Karimnagar, Telugu Desham Party. 2010-2016
3 Mandal President, Eligaid, Telugu Desham Party. 1993-1994
Contact Information:
Mobile Number:9989989955
Present Address:H.No: 1-61/B, Shivapalli, Eligaid, Peddapalli, Telangana.




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