If you have followed all the steps as mentioned in our earlier blog  on OCI  Application Process (https://www.telugupoliticalwiki.com/2020/06/oci-application-process.html ) for New Born baby and still have questions please refer to the below FAQ.  

When will I get my Child passport back ?:

  This was the old process of sending passport , Now in new process you do not need to send the original passport.

Can i apply for OCI while I do not have valid petition to stay or work in US ?

Yes You can Make sure you include expired petition/visa of both parents along with extension receipts of both parents.

Should do apostille for Birth Certificate ?

Birth certificates issues in USA are already certified, we do not need to do apostille.

Where can we get Notary ?

Banks used to do free notary prior to COVID, Due to COVID banks stopped doing that so we are left with options like UPS where they charge 10$ for each Notary. Make sure to have Both parents for Notary to sign along with valid ID cards.