Danam Nagender, MLA Khairatabad, Congress Party, Telangana.

Danam Nagender
Danam Nagender

MLA, Khairatabad, Congress Party,


Personal Life:
Father :Linga Murthy
Spouse :Anitha
Children : Sai Priya
Date of Birth : 09-August-1958
Course Institution Year of completion
Master of Arts Madurai Kamaraj University 2001
Political Career:

   17-Mar-2024: Today Danam Nagender joined Congress Party.

 24-Jun-2018:Nagender Left INC And Joined In TRS In The Presence of K.Chandra Shekar Rao.
  2004:Nagender Left TDP And Joined back in INC after the elections Resinged to MLA and lost the by election.
  2004:Nagender Left INC And Joined In TDP after congress denied MLA ticket.
Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2023 GE-Khairatabad,MLA(BRS) WON 22,010 P Vijaya Reddy(INC)
2 2018 GE-Khairatabad,MLA(TRS) WON 28,402 Chintala Rama Chandra Reddy(BJP)
3 2014 GE-Khairatabad,MLA(INC) LOST 20,846 Chintala Rama Chandra Reddy(BJP)
4 2009 GE-Khairatabad,MLA(INC) WON 13,858 K.Vijaya Rama Rao(TDP)
5 2004 By Election-Asif Nagar,MLA(INC) LOST 2,110 Mohammed Moazam Khan(AIMIM)
6 2004 GE-Asif Nagar,MLA(TDP) WON 2,774 Mohd Andul Muneem Haji Sait(AIMIM)
7 1999 GE-Asif Nagar,MLA(INC) WON 20,720 Mohammed Virasat Rasool Khan(AIMIM)
8 1994 GE-Asif Nagar,MLA(INC) WON 2,774 Md. Vizarath Rasool Khan(MBT)
9 1989 GE-Asif Nagar,MLA(INC) LOST 8,735 Syed Sajjad(MIM)

Contact Information:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danam.nagender
e Mail:danam.nagender313@gmail.com
Mobile Number:9550597788
Present Address:H.No-8-2-387/8/1, Plot No-251, Road No-3, Banjarahills, Hyderabad, Telangana.
17-Mar-2024: Joined in Congress Party
Mithun Reddy joined in Congress Party
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