Peddireddigari Ramachandra Reddy, Minister, Andhra Pradesh.

Peddireddigari Ramachandra Reddy
Peddireddigari Ramachandra Reddy

Panchayati Raj and Rural Development, Mines and Geology Minister, Andhra Pradesh,
MLA, Punganur, YSRCP,
Andhra Pradesh.

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Personal Life:
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Spouse : Swarna Latha
Children : Mithun Reddy
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 08-Jun-2019:Today Peddireddi took Oath as TPanchayati Raj and Rural Development, Mines and Geology Minister of Andhra Pradesh in Jagan Mohan Reddy Cabinet.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2019 GE-Punganur,MLA(YSRCP) WON 43,555 N Anesh Reddy(TDP)
2 2014 GE-Punganur,MLA(YSRCP) WON 31,731 M.Venkataramana Raju(TDP)
3 2009 GE-Punganur,MLA(INC) WON 40,727 M.Venkataramana Raju(TDP)
4 2004 GE-Pileru,MLA(INC) WON 31,731 G.V. Sreenatha Reddy(TDP)
5 1999 GE-Pileru,MLA(INC) WON 13,433 M.Venkataramana Raju(TDP)
6 1994 GE-Pileru,MLA(INC) LOST 9,655 G.V. Sreenatha Reddy(TDP)
7 1989 GE-Pileru,MLA(INC) WON 24,636 Challa Ramachandra Reddy(TDP)
8 1985 GE-Pileru,MLA(INC) LOST 4,249 Challa Prabhakara Reddy(TDP)
9 1978 GE-Pileru,MLA(JNP) LOST 14,273 Mogal Sufulla Baig(INC-I)

Contact Information:
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Mobile Number: 9490951909
Present Address: Yerrathivaripalle, Sodum( Mdl), Chittor Chittor Dist