Jyothula Nehru, TDP, EX MLA, Jaggampeta, Andhra Pradesh.

Jyothula Nehru
Jyothula Nehru

EX MLA, Jaggampeta, TDP,
Andhra Pradesh.

Personal Life:
Father :Nageshwar Rao
Spouse : Mani
Hobbies : Watching TV
Course Institution Year of completion
Political Career:

12-April-2016:Jyothula Nehru Left YSRCP and Joined TDP Today.

2012:After PRP merger with Congress Party Nehru did not join congress Party and joined in YSRCP Later before 2014 Elections.

2009:Left TDP and joined in PRP.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2019 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(TDP) LOST 23,365 Jyothula Chanti Babu(YSRCP)
2 2014 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(YSRCP) WON 15,932 Jyothula Chanti Babu(TDP)
3 2009 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(PRP) LOST 789 Thota Narasimham(INC)
4 2004 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(TDP) LOST 2,643 Thota Narasimham(INC)
5 1999 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(TDP) WON 9,814 Thota Venkata Chalam(INC)
6 1994 GE-Jaggampeta, MLA(TDP) WON 20,301 Thota Venkata Chalam(INC)

Contact Information:
Mobile Number: 9849962444
Present Address: D.No.1-9, 1st line, Erripaka(V),Jagampeta(M), East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh



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