BC Janardhan Reddy, Minister, Andhra Pradesh.

B.C.Janardhana Reddy
B.C.Janardhana Reddy

Roads & Buildings, Infrastructure & Investments Minister, Andhra Pradesh, TDP,
MLA, Banaganapalle, TDP,
Andhra Pradesh.

Personal Life:
Father :BC Gur Reddy
Spouse :BC Indira
Children : Manohar Reddy & Kshira Reddy
Course Institution Year of completion
BA Center for Distance Education, Acharya Nagarjuna University. 2017
SSC(In Complete) Govt School, Banaganepalle. 1975
Political Career:

June 12, 2024: Today BC Janardhan Reddy took oath as a Minister in Chandra babu Naidu's Cabinet.
May-23-2021:Today AP Police Arrested Janardhana Reddy under SC/ST Atrocity case, this case is related to a clash between the YSRCP and TDP Followers last week.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2024 GE-Banaganapalle, MLA(TDP) WON 25,566 Katasani Rami Reddy(YSRCP)
2 2019 GE-Banaganapalle, MLA(TDP) LOST 13,384 Katasani Rami Reddy(YSRCP)
3 2014 GE-Banaganapalle, MLA(TDP) WON 17,341 Katasani Rami Reddy(YSRCP)

Contact Information:
e Mail: bcjreddy2@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9494494944
Present Address: H.No.:10-96, Near Old Bus Stand, Gur Reddy Colony, Banaganapalle ,Kurnool.



May-23-2021: Arrested by AP Police
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