GHMC 2016 Election Exit Polls


                       Finally the Most awaited GHMC election in Telangana Polling is completed. And There were so many exit polls released by famous exit poll organizations and most of them shows a clear majority to TRS. Telugu Political Wiki also has come up with exit polls numbers.

According to the sources from the voters of  GHMC telugupoliticalwiki came up with the below exit poll results.


To be in detail about the above exit poll numbers by party wise, lets start with MIM , MIM still holds a strong portion of muslim vote bank in Hyderabad old city. But with the mass following of deputy CM Mahamood ali in several places  TRS has given a strong competition to MIM in this elections in old city. MIM is expected to get around 35 seats. Which is a little less compared to their previous numbers in 2008.

TDP has lost its vote bank to TRS in several areas with the effect of KTR rigorous campaign in GHMC for the past 2 months and with the  booth level meetings with Andhra people KTR got succeeded in gaining thier confidence in several divisions. Even though Lokesh Nara has campaigned for TDP with the outflow of leaders from TDP to TRS in various divisions including prominent leaders like vijayaramarao , kirshna yadav and to be contestant of deputy mayor bandi ramesh and a few of the ex corporators which costed them to be on the loosing side in GHMC. even though they have won majority of the Assembly seats in 2014 elections in GHMC Area.

BJP should be happy to see the increase in number from 5 to 10. BJP has got advantage at several places with the alliance of TDP. And also BJP has 5 MLAs which is a good advantage for them. Even though BJP contested in 63 seats they could  not make a huge impact in several divisions.

CONGRESS to continue its poor performance from the 2014 elections has lost the credibility of people in GHMC especially with the prominent leaders attempt to join TRS even though they have competition to MIM in old city in several places the overall number of seats that they win is drastically down they may get only 5 seats.

OTHERS includes a few independents and Loksatta and left parties who may get around 5 seats.

TRS has took all the advantage of ruling government , and elections strategy has become a cakewalk for them  with the campaign of its youth leader KTR . TRS is expected to get 65 seats on its own and with the ex officio votes also it may be a difficult task for them to win MAyor election on its own. With the clashes of MIM MLA with the son of TRS Leaders in old city several places and they may not go for an post poll alliance with MIM.

   We have to wait and see for the results on this Friday 5th Feb.

* All the exit poll assumptions are made to the best of our knowledge and information from the voters and several other sources. This cant be taken as matter of fact for further analysis in any form without our prior notice.