Mudragada Padmanabham, Kapu Leader, Andhra Pradesh.

Mudragada Padmanabham
Mudragada Padmanabham

Kapu Leader, East Godavari,
Ex- Minister, Andhra Pradesh .

Agitations by Mudragada:
Mudragada has done several agitations in his career
1988 Uttarakanchi Agitation : He has done a hunger strike for 13 days to remove the police cases on his supporters in uttarakanchi and government has removed cases after mudragada agitation .
1994 Kapu Reservation Agitation: He went for a hunger strike along with his wife in support of Reservations for Kapus and with this strike CM Vijayabhasker Reddy has given GO number 30 for kapus.
1997 Agitation : This time again he has done hunger strike for support to remove police cases on his supporters and with this CM Chandrababu naidu has removed the cases on his followers.
2004 Agitation : This time he has done strike along with wife and his son for 3 days for his personal reasons on removing power connection to his cold storage and saw mills later he has got them back.
2006 Polavaram Agitation : This time he went to hunger strike for farmers who has lost their lands in the polavaram canal and government has increased the amount for farmers after this strike.
2016 Kapu Reservation Agitation : Mudragada has started his hunger strike on Feb-05 along with his wife and few other supporters . He has stopped his hunger strike on Feb - 08 after the assurance from government that they are not going back on reservations for kapus.
2016 June 9th : Mudragada has started his hunger strike on June-09 along with his wife and family for releasing the arrested persons by AP Govt. He was arrested by police on june 9th and kept in Rajamahendravaram Government Hospital where he continued his strike for few more days and stopped it with the efforts from government. Government says that its an issue of law and order and only people who committed crime in Tuni Rail incident should be punished.

Personal Life:
Father :Veera Raghava Rao
Course Institution Year of completion
Matriculation Andhra University Private Studies 1967
Political Career:

Mar-09-2016: Mudragada anounced that he has taken a step back to start hunger strike on 11th of this month keeping in view of students examinations.
Mar-04-2016: Mudragada Announced that he will again go into a hunger strike on 11th March if he does not receive a letter signed by AP CM by 10th March that all the promises that government has given to him during that last strike will be fulfilled.
Padmanabham's Father was 2 time MLA . Padamanabham came into politics with the support of people when his father expired.
Padmanabham started his political career with Janatha Party in 1978 won as a MLA and in 1983 Padmanabham left Janatha party and joined in TDP.
When NTR questioned Padmanabham about a voting in Rajyasabha elections , Padmanabham got angry over NTR and then he had a clash with NTR .
Padmanabham Worked as an Excise Minister in NTR Cabinet , Later he was transferred to Transport Ministry
In 1993 he has started the Kapu reservation movement and did the agitations for 16 months throughout the state wide and he has resigned to MLA seat.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2009 GE-Pithapuram, MLA(INC) LOST 3,294 Vanga Geetha Vishwanath(PRP)
2 2004 GE-Kakinada, MP(TDP) LOST 57,172 Mallipudi Mangapati Pallam Raju(INC)
3 1999 GE-Kakinada, MP(TDP) WON 1,21,435 Thota Subbarao(INC)
4 1994 GE-Prathipadu, MLA(INC) LOST 21,637 Parvatha Subba Rao(TDP)
5 1989 GE-Prathipadu, MLA(INC) WON 12,842 Varupula Subba Rao(TDP)
6 1985 GE-Prathipadu, MLA(TDP) WON 41,329 Sundara Rama Kumar(INC)
7 1983 GE-Prathipadu, MLA(IND/TDP) WON 14,342 Varupula Subba Rao(INC)
8 1978 GE-Prathipadu, MLA(JNP) WON 10,262 Varupula Appalaraju(INC-I)

Contact Information:
Present Address:Kirlampudi , Kirlampudi Mandal
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