Politics in Telangana on fire with the sequence of elections

Nov-22-2015: As we all know just before 2014 General elections in both the Telugu speaking states we had 3 back to back elections to local bodies(Co Operative Banks, MPTC/ZPTC, Village Panchayat) then followed by general elections. People thought that we will have a 5 years complete term of new government in newly formed states fully focusing on the administration. But the situation is a little different than what we expected as the people of Telangana came across several elections in last 16 months which got complete attraction of Telangana Government and political parties so as people of Telangana.

Here the Telugu Political Wiki Complete Review on the elections that happened after the 2014 General Elections :

  • By Elections for Medak MP seat: As TRS supremo  KCR resigned after taking oath as first Chief Minister of newly formed state Telangana. This elections were eventually won by the ruling TRS party quite convincingly.
  • Elections for graduate MLC : In this elections 2 positions are filled in legislative council. As 6 out of 10 districts participated in elections media gave lot of importance to this elections and also congress never look comfortable as they are new to contest in this type of elections and the main competition was between TRS and BJP led NDA. BJP won Hyderabad, Mahabubnagar, Rangareddy seat with huge majority where as TRS won the other seat of  Khammam,Warangal and Nalgonda with little margin over BJP candidate.
  • Cantonment Elections : As the elections happened in the center of Hyderabad and the most of ministers and top level opposition leaders campaigned this elections too got the attention from people of Telangana and also few exposed this elections as a sample results of upcoming GHMC elections which were easily won by the TRS which left GHMC strong hold party TDP shocking as they were holding cantonment MLA seat.
  • MLC elections by MLAs : Even though there is no participation of people directly in this election as the election date approaches several of TDP legislators joined the ruling TRS which made a tough chance for TDP to win one seat and which made TDP rising star Revanth reddy to went all out and try to buy elected MLA Stephen vote and caught red handed by Telangana ACB. With all this movie like dramas just before the election day TRS won 5 seats and congress won a seat.
  • Warangal MP By elections : After Rajaiah expel from the KCR cabinet interestingly KCR has invited experienced Kadiyam Srihari Warangal MP to the cabinet and later he got appointed as MLC and the leftover MP position went into by polls which got a major attraction from the media and.As every election left some loss to TDP Opposition parties has exposed the results of this election as a referendum to the TRS government 16 month rule.The increase in the voting percentage keeps everyone fingers crossed to wait eagerly for the results.

With all the above elections got a top eye from the Media and the people of Telangana expecting the upcoming GHMC elections in the early next year to be more exciting.

Even though all these elections draw some countable time of the administration and ruling party , People are hoping that government will be on track in development of new state and will make Telangana as one of the top state in INDIA.