Autowalas Happy with RTC strike

May-06-2015: In both telugu speaking states RTC employees has called on for strike demanding hikes in salaries equal with government employees which is of 43%. With this RTC strike passengers all over the main cities of both states are suffering to reach the offices on time. This made the autowalas across both the states happy as all the passengers who used to commute through bus has opted autos to reach their destination and also passengers are not hesitating to pay little extra than general cost as in today's hitech world everyone is giving high importance to reach the destination on time.

          Majorly in Hyderabad autowalas are happy with the collections that they are making during the strike which is ranging from 2000 rupees to 5000 rupees in some areas. They are quite happy with the passengers flow and saying that now they are enjoying their job and also most of them taking the regular charges not forcing customers to pay extra money.As the passengers are not hesitating to sit in the corners and giving correct change which makes the life of autowalas easy and also they are enjoying with more trips rather than stopping hours of time at tea stalls and biryani points.