Facebook goes viral over wishing AP CM Chandrababu Naidu on his birthday

Apr-20-2015: Facebook fans of TDP sharing lots of wishes to TDP Supremo , Dynamic Telugu  Leader and AP CM chandrababu naidu on his birthday on April 20th 2015.In both the telugu speaking states most of TDP cadre and leaders are using facebook these days.  It was observed that when compared to other parties TDP has a strong presence in facebook due to this facebook went yellow and wished Chandrababu on his birthday.

As Chandrababu Naidu being called as the hitech chief minister he must be happy to see TDP cadre and leader are effectively using the social media to reach the public and share the good things that are done by the Government and also the support that TDP providing in form of insurance to the party workers. Hope to see this new trend of wishing in social media will let down the banners on roadside which will reduce the pollution.

Telugu Political wiki wishes Happy Birthday to Chandrababu Naidu garu and want to him to achieve much more in the upcoming years , live with joy and serve the telugu community for ever.