Visionary Document -Capital city of Andhra Pradesh

Sep-04-2014: A perfect day where people of both Telugu states came across a 20 page document that was well articulated and given equal priority to all the parts of Andhra Pradesh, It is AP government's report on new capital establishment.

     Much like you, many of us were expecting a document where we could see all the kind of roads, hotels, companies and amenities that government is going to establish in the new capital of AP, But the document was eye opener which is not only comprised to capital city but it was complete document to develop entire Andhra Pradesh as a state. The much awaited capital city is most expected Vijayawada and its premises.

After the chaos in the state assembly at Hyderabad from the last one week, Today was a complete one man show where the leader of the house Chandrababu Naidu presented this document with his vision and assurance to each and every district in his speech  lasted  more than few hours.

  When we found the document copy over internet, many including me could not stop ourselves from reading the entire document. It has covered all the  parameters for each district with a clear bullet points under each district that the government is going to establishment and also the roads and railways that government is going to establish to connect the new capital to all the districts.It was a complete visionary document to develop not only the capital city but to develop entire Andhra Pradesh into a global state and smart cities in the upcoming years.

Let us join our hands and say all the best to Government of Andhra Pradesh in developing a world class capital city.