Political Leaders attraction towards Ruling Party


In consideration of political attrition rate of opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is clear that politicians from opposition parties are very much attracted to the ruling party in the recent past after the 2014 elections and government formation, from both the Telugu states we have seen many politicians joining the ruling parties.This phenomenon of changing the parties and also reiterating the statement that was used by the many politicians while changing the parties is "In politics no one is long lasting rival for us and also no party is permanent friend of us".

The notifiable switches that happened in the recent past in Telangana are 2 MLAs from BSP joining TRS just after the formation of Government, group of MLCs from Congress and TDP joining TRS just before the chairman election in council, Ex minister  and couple of MLAs from Khammam  joining TRS. Where as in Andhra Pradesh couple of MPs from YSRCP joining TDP and also group of MLCs from Congress switched to TDP and couple of MPs expressing their wish to work along with TDP. Also there are noticeable politicians joining in Telangana BJP, may be as they are in power at central some of them are ex DGP Dinesh reddy, Congress Leader jagga reddy and couple of ex MLAs .

The question comes to common man mind is how many party workers coming out along with them? And what's making them to switch just after the elections where they have competed with current ruling parties and majority of them won the election?

The political experts says that the lucrative offers from the ruling party makes them to switch as many of them are out of Power from long time. Some experts even supports this early moves as they see some advantage to the people to have their representative in the ruling side to resolve their issues. And the reason for supporting this early switch is where there were many politicians who changed their party just before the 2014 elections and many of them are rejected by people in elections out of them the prominent faces include TG venkatesh and other couple of ex ministers from AP and also Yellareddy, Jaipal Yadav, Abraham, Mynampati from TG. And also mentioned that the same equations might not carry till the next elections so the common man just have nothing to-do with this switches rather than hope to see some change in the administration with this huge attraction to ruling parties.