Putta Madhu, ZP Chairperson Peddapalli, TRS, Telangana.

Putta Madhu
Putta Madhukar

ZP Chairperson Peddapalli District,
EX-MLA, Manthani (2014-2018), TRS,

Personal Life:
Father :Rajalingam
Spouse :Shylaja
Children :Sri Harsh
Course Institution Year of completion
S.S.C. Govt High School, Manthani 1988
Political Career:
  16-Feb-2021:There are wide spread alleegations from media and opposition parties that Putta Madhu is behind the tragetic murders of High court lawyer couple that happened in Peddapelli District today. In supporting these statements there are news that the car used for the murders of lawyers is owned by Putta Madhu sister's son.

  08-Jun-2019:Today Madhu got selected as ZP Chairperson of Peddapalli District.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2023 GE-Manthani, MLA(BRS) LOST 31,380 Duddilla Sridhar Babu(INC)
2 2019 GE-Kamanpur, ZPTC(TRS) WON 5,215 Choppari Sadaiah(INC)
3 2018 GE-Manthani, MLA(TRS) LOST 16,230 Duddilla Sridhar Babu(INC)
4 2014 GE-Manthani, MLA(TRS) WON 19,360 Duddilla Sridhar Babu(INC)
5 2009 GE-Manthani, MLA(PRP) LOST 13,209 Duddilla Sridhar Babu(INC)

Contact Information:
e Mail:Puttamadhumnt@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 9440069188
Present Address: H. No. 5-19, Near G.P. Office, Manthani, Karimnagar, Telangana.




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