Gullola Shankar Yadav, TDP, EX MLA, Thamballapalle, Andhra Pradesh.

Gullola Shankar Yadav

EX MLA, Thamballapalle, TDP,
Andhra Pradesh.

Personal Life:
Father :Late G Venkata Ramana
Spouse : Jyothi
Children : Srikanth & Sindura
Course Institution Year of completion
B.A. Muncipal First Grade College, Chintamani. 1985
Political Career:

2014: Left Congress and joined TDP Party.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 2019 GE-Thamballapalle, MLA(TDP) LOST 46,938 Peddireddy Dwarakanatha Reddy(YSRCP)
2 2014 GE-Thamballapalle, MLA(TDP) WON 9,190 Anipireddy Venkata Praveen Kumar Reddy(YSRCP)
3 2009 GE-Thamballapalle, MLA(INC) LOST 2,958 Anipireddy Venkata Praveen Kumar Reddy(TDP)

Contact Information:
e Mail:
Mobile Number: 9845759597
Present Address: T Sadum, Pedda Tippa Samudram, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.
Leader Tho Mukha Mukhi with ABN Telugu: