Tulasi Ram Kethavath, Ex Municipal Chairperson Achampet, TRS, Nagarkurnool.

Tulasi Ram Kethavath
Tulasi Ram Kethavath

Achampet Municipal Chairperson(2016-2021), TRS,
Nagarkurnool, Telangana.

Course Institution Year of completion
SSC - -
Political Career:
15-Apr-2021:Today Election notification has been released for Achampet Muncipality and chairperson has been alloted to General Category. TRS Achampet Mandal President Narsimha Goud will be contesting and he will be the chair person candidate from TRS Party. Tusli Ram will not contest for a second term.

9-Mar-2016: After winning 20 out of 20 wards Tulasiram has clearly got the mandate to become the Chairperson of Achampet Muncipality.
Tulasi Ram has resigned to TDP and joined in TRS on 2nd November 2014 in presence of Telangana Minister Harish Rao ,Achampeta MLA Guvvala Balaraju alnog with Pokala Manohar , Achampeta MPP Parvathalu , ZPTC Ramakrishna Reddy and several Sarpanchs and MPTCs from all over the Achampeta constituency majority of them from the Achampeta Mandal.

Elections Contested
S.No. Election Won/Lost Margin Opponent
1 Ward 3 Achampet Muncipality(TDP) WON 279 Yedukondalu(INC)
2 2001 MPTC Puljal(TDP) WON - -(INC)
3 Achampet ZPTC(TDP) WON - -(INC)
4 Gompanpally Sarpanch(TDP) WON - -(INC)

Positions Held
S.no Position From To
1 Muncipal Chairperson Achampet 2016 2021
2 MPP - Achampet 2001 2006
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15-Apr-2021: Election Notification
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