Lingampally Best Place to Stay in Hyderabad for Software Engineers

Hyderabad turning from a non metro city to a world class city. In this process number people living in Hyderabad increased lot in the past 10 years. Hyderabad has got very good weather in all the seasons of the year. Hyderabad is one of the heritage city in India. Hyderabad has started growing its glory in the early years of last decade (2000-2010) and also it was little down from 2009 to 2012 during the Telangana agitations during which many start up companies opted either Pune, Bangalore or Chennai rather than Hyderabad. Even though with the all the above ups and downs still Hyderabad is one of the best growing city in India.

  Majority of the people who work in Hyderabad are from software industry which took a rapid growth here after the establishment of Microsoft development centre. All the major software giants have a branch now in Hyderabad. And also majority of the people of north India would prefer Hyderabad to stay than Bangalore and Chennai which also one the factor to have a very good number of people from northern states. As the number of people increases in a place the obvious factor is increase in the traffic on roads and which eventually makes you to drag much of your day time on roads. People started facing traffic issues to reach to gachibowli and hitech city in which majority of the companies located.

   With the increased traffic in the main city roads towards gachibowli, hitec city people started searching for an alternative solution and for all of them who wanted to stay away from pollution and reach office in less than 15 minutes the unique answer is lingampally, BHEL, Chanda Nagar and surroundings. This area is located around 10 kilometres to hitech city and gachibowli and also has all the major shopping malls and movie theatres. There is no traffic signal from lingampally to gachibowli which makes life easier for the employees in office hours. And also there no problem of water in summer and cost of living is less compared to many areas in city. Also pollution levels are less as most of the area is covered with greenery.

DATE: 3-NOV-2014