After TDP its TRS to provide insurance to its members

Feb-02-2015: In recent past we have seen an excellent idea to provide insurance to the party active members by the TDP. This was clearly gave a very good positive impression on the TDP in both AP and Telangana . This idea is from the master brain of Lokesh Nara who is the son of TDP supremo CBN. TDP is the first ever party to took this decision in the history of indian politics . As most of the political parties always use the active members of the party at most in elections and then after they will never look at them but in in recent decision from TDP created a new  history in the Indian politics.Along with insurance for the active members TSP has also started a fund for the relief of members of party which also a brain child of Nara Lokesh and its actively helping TDP members.
As TDP creates history now TRS to follow the same in Telangana by providing insurance to the party members. TRS chief KCR along with his prominent leaders discussed about the possibility to provide the free insurance to the members of party ahead of their membership drive. TRS is thinking to give free insurance rather than taking a nominal fee as TDP did. Going further TRS may also set up a fund for the welfare of its members in Telangana.

   All these created a positive impression for a common man who works for a party in villages as they are getting the fruits of the hard work and dedication that they do for a political party. And also people started accepting the politics will not be same always as slowly more educated people taking active leadership in the main political parties. People of both telugu speaking states hailed the decision of TDP and eagerly waiting to welcome TRS decision.

Hope the more of this kind to come in future from the master brains of educated leaders. And also hats off to Lokesh Nara for leading this change in the politics.