I Am With You ROHIT SHARMA!!!!

Dec-23-2014: After 2 straight losses of India in Australia entire cricket analysts from the world started jumping on Rohit saying all baseless comments on his ability to build the innings and play out of India.

Here is my analysis on Rohit Sharma's play in last 2 Tests against Australia in current tour.


Innings 1 :
In this innings ROHIT has scored 43 runs . The pitch looked like supporting for long batting where ROHIT would have materialized a bit more but unfortunately got out. But scoring 43 is not a failure as far as I consider.

Innings 2:
In this innings Rohit has scored only 6 runs. In This innings when lyon was spinning the ball none of the Indian batsmen was looking comfort there in the middle . When Vijay lost his wicket at 99 we can just imagine how the pitch was supporting for SPIN and also none of the batsmen were taking on Nathon where Rohit is one among them. But why we only point ROHIT why not kohli for not keeping his calm for one more hour who is comfort in playing spin on that pitch.Why not take on rahane who also failed to play SPIN.why not dhawan and saha ?


Innings 1 :  In this innings rohit scored 32 runs which is greater than the score of mister junior dependable pujara and aggressive kohli and also shikhar dhawan.Where as dhoni scored just a run more than rohit. By not comparing rohit as a special talent out of indian current batsmen i feel he has not completely failed in this innings. If rohit is failed in this innings then Kohli,Pujara,Dhawan,Dhoni all are failed. Need to speak about all of their failures.

Innings 2:

In this innings rohit has out for a duck which is not expected from the sheer talented rohit. But I can't agree it a his failure after the openers dismissal nobody in the middle looked like taking on johnson where as kohli out for 1 and dhoni out for a duck and rahane out for 10. If we are talking about rohit here then we also need to talk about the remaining 3 who has scored less than 10 runs.So this may not be the reason for speaking about ROHIT.

I am a big fan of Rohit . There is a saying that stones will be thrown on only the trees which has fruits.  Rohit has the capability to play long innings in TEST cricket. 2 matches is not the right width to talk about Rohit out of India. For.For the matter of fact with having lot of experience he accepted to play at number 6 in tests.

On conclusion i would like the cricket analysts to distribute the blame equally to the entire team do not try to keep it on ROHIT.