Cricket commentary without Ravi Shastri

  Sep-19-2014: Ravi Shastri, a Well known personality for cricket lovers across the globe.Mostly for the young generation he was introduced as the player who had hit six sixes in six balls.And people used to remember that when they here Shastri's name .

Shastri has got huge reputation to his words from commentary box from the cricket fans. Now if you touch any cricket lover they will just remember Shastri's name as a best commentator and expert in post match presentation rather than a player who had hit six sixes in six balls from India.

          Coming to the current situation where Shastri is appointed as the Director for Team India for its ODI series against  England in England , eventually India has won it . Every player who has scored good amount of runs have thanked Shastri for his support to the team and the kind of ideas he gave to them and the positive energy that he has brought to into the team after the massive loss in the Test series .With a proven result and the open applause  from the players  in several interviews BCCI may not rule out to continue him for the upcoming World Cup.Also there are chances for Shastri to take up the coach for the team in future.

            This may be the good decision for Indian cricket fans as the team wins the matches but many cricket commentary lovers across the globe would not want Ravi to permanently  stick to Indian team at the cost of his remarkable commentary. The kind of efforts that he has put up along with Harsha Bhogle, LS and couple of others has took commentary to a new heights and the kind of excellence that he shows up in the post match presentations can not be expected from any other commentator .

            But let's not forget that he is still working for the game that we love even though he moved out of commentary in International Matches. Let's wish him all the best in his new role and hope that he will be a remarkable person in the Cricket history as a Coach or Director. Hope this gives the space for many commentators to come up with their style in upcoming days and fill the gap that was left by Shastri in International Matches.

   Even though he works as a director for Team India there are chances for him to be present in the commentary box in Indian Premier League and Champions League.